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Visual Spanish Makes Learning Fun

Combining the immersive elements of a binge-worthy TV show with our patented visual learning method, speaking conversational Spanish has never been easier.

Fun & Immersive

Each class is like a 40-minute episode of your favorite TV show, with witty dialog and funny, memorable situations.

Color-coding Genius

Every word is color-coded so you start to learn sentence structure and word usage quickly and automatically.

Symbols & Illustrations

Thousands of color-coded symbols and illustrations connect with the audio and help you learn subconsciously.


Spanish has 18 different verb tenses. Our patented visual system reinforces usage at a glance, instantly.


Visual Spanish is fast-paced, funny, and NEVER boring. But don't worry, in a week you'll keep up no problemo!

What if learning Spanish was as fun as binge-watching your favorite TV show?

With Visual Spanish, it is.




Think back to your favorite class in high school and college... which classes do you remember best?

The droning know-it-all who lectured in a plodding, monotonous voice for an hour every day?

The uninspiring, tedious drills that left you daydreaming?

The awesome, cool teacher who kept you engaged and laughing the whole class?

Don't be embarrassed if you answered "C." 

It's just science, if you're ENGAGED or ENTERTAINED, your brain wants to hold on to that information. 

If you're bored, your brain wants to throw away that information to make room for more interesting things!

Watch one fun, witty, binge-worthy episode (class) per day and in 5 weeks you'll be able to speak and understand conversational Spanish. Guaranteed.

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Speak like a local. Understand all the Slang. And have FUN!

Get all the juicy fun parts of Spanish they'll never teach you in a boring app.

Boring vocabulary drills and repetitive apps will never teach you how to speak Spanish conversationally. 

When you learned English - it was a blast! You went from being totally in the dark about everything and unable to communicate with anyone - to being able to understand everything. Your brain ate it up like chocolate.

Or, more accurately, dopamine. That's the chemical that is released in your brain when you are having fun, and when you were a baby you got lots of dopamine when you listened to songs, when your parents talked to you, and when you were read stories - even if you didn't understand all of it.

And that dopamine made you crave learning to speak and understand English more and more until you were fluent.

When you use boring apps and do repetitive drills to learn Spanish, you are trying to get your brain to focus without the dopamine. Your brain WANTS to be distracted and find more interesting things to remember. That makes it 10x harder to actually learn.

But when the information you are consuming is fun and interesting, your brain releases dopamine and WANTS to remember it.

Thousands and Thousands of Happy Spanish Speakers!

"It's like a comprehensive one-on-one Spanish course cleverly hidden inside a wonderfully binge-worthy sitcom. Bravo!"

I've tried a whole slew of resources to maintain and improve my intermediate level Spanish - magazines, private tutors, group classes, self-learning CDs, Spanish podcasts - but this is the first method I've tried that actually keeps me engaged and motivated. The visual component makes it about five times easier to learn and remember new words and grammar. "


30-Day No-Risk Guarantee

We are so confident that you will laugh and learn and enjoy learning Spanish, that I will make you a promise: Try it for 90 days. If, after 90 days you aren't laughing and learning, then you can have your money back.

No Questions, No Hassle.

Just send us an email after the 90 days are up and we'll give you a full refund.

Speak Conversational Spanish in 5 weeks



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