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Speak Spanish confidently in 5 weeks

"It's like a comprehensive one-on-one Spanish course cleverly hidden inside a wonderfully binge-worthy sitcom. Bravo!" - Daily Candy

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Why you will LOVE taking this online certification class!

Receiving recognition for your achievements is a pivotal moment for you. Once you have successfully passed the final exam, we will send you your certificate and badges.

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Compared to one-on-one classes at an institute (avg. $2,150) or 4 semesters (12 credit-hours) at a public university (avg. $2,400), we usually offer this certificate for $899.

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I'm so confident that you will laugh and learn and enjoy learning Spanish, that I will make you a promise. Try it for 90 days. If, after 90 days you aren't laughing and learning, then we'll refund 100% of your money.

No Questions, No Hassle.

Here's EXACTLY What's Included in Visual Spanish

5-week course - one funny, witty 40 minute class per day

180,000 color-coded vocabulary words to help you learn word usage

Over 2,000 verb conjugations, complete with root verb, pronoun and tense indicator

Native pronunciation lessons from five different different regional accents

Clear grammatical explanations in English from "The Professor"

New, visual method proven effective for rapid language absorption

30 classes of Spanish language and Latin American cultural immersion

The fast-paced conversational style gives you plenty of breaks for repetition and review. All in a conversational format to  facilitate the communicative learning process!


24 fun quizzes to gauge progress

5 unit tests to keep you motivated

Final assessment exam + Certificate of Completion and a digital badge for LinkedIn and social media

  • Structured 5-Week Course + lifetime access to materials
  • New group starts every Monday - no more than 20 students per group
  • One 40 min video class Mon-Sat, available 24/7 
  • 3 live teacher-led Q & A sessions per week (15 total)

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Normally, the 5-Week Course costs $297.00.

If you enroll today, we'll give you the following bonuses, completely free:

Visual Spanish Study Guide. Our comprehensive 250 page Study Guide covering all of Spanish I & II - in our unique funny, witty, engaging style. $159 Value

Ultimate Slang Dictionary. If you want to speak conversional Spanish, you have to talk like normal people talk. In Latin America that means a fair bit of %amp;#@. We've collected the funniest slang words and phrases from 18 different Spanish-Speaking countries into this 88-page pocket guide. $24.99 value

Insultos & Piropos Guide. Spanish & Latin culture has some of the most colorful language on the planet. They are famous for their insults and piropos (pick-up lines). We've put together this compendium of the most inappropriate phrases into a pocket guide. It's called the "Ultimate Guide to Pick 'Em Up and Put 'Em Down." $24.99 value

Audio Version. We've created a downloadable audio version of all 30 classes in the course. That's more than 20 hours of audio, so you can brush up in the car or at the gym.  $99 value

With Visual Spanish, It is!
What if Learning Spanish Was As Fun As Binge Watching Your Favorite Netflix Show?
Just watch one binge-worthy episode per day for 5 weeks, and through fun, witty dialog, subliminal visual cues, and addictive Spanish immersion, you'll speak and understand conversational Spanish. Guaranteed.

Why Is It So Hard To Learn Spanish?

Think back to your favorite class in high school and college...
which class do you remember best?

The droning know-it-all who lectured in a plodding, monotonous voice for an hour every day?

The uninspiring, tedious drills that left you daydreaming?

The awesome, cool teacher who kept you engaged and laughing the whole class?

Don't be embarrassed if you answered "C." 

It's just science, if you're ENGAGED or ENTERTAINED, your brain wants to hold on to that information. 

If you're bored, your brain wants to throw away that information to make room for more interesting things!




The secret… 
to speaking Spanish conversationally.
Boring vocab drills and repetitive apps will never teach you to speak conversationally. 

Learning Spanish should be fun and addictive! 

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Finally, A Fun, Funny, PROVEN Way to Learn to Speak Conversational Spanish in 5 Weeks, Without Endless Boring Vocabulary Drills on Your Phone...

If you are looking for  our '6 Simple Learn Spanish Hacks' scroll down!

The #1 reason people don’t learn Spanish is that they quit.

It’s not their fault, after 8-years-old or so, our brains aren’t built for learning languages.

Plus, learning Spanish is a big job. Did you know that Spanish has 42 different verb tenses?

English has 9.

The hard truth is, unless you pack your bags and go live in Madrid for six months... and start dating a nice Spaniard with no English... it is very hard to learn to speak Spanish.

Here's a Hard Truth.

You will never learn to speak and understand conversational Spanish by staring at an app on your phone for hours and hours.

All those apps are not designed to teach you to speak Spanish. They are designed to get you to pay $18 a month for the rest of your life. That’s the business model.

Sure, you might learn some vocabulary or a few phrases. And that’s great, if that’s what you want.

But staring at endless boring drills on your phone won’t teach you how to speak with a real Spanish person.

Every day we talk to students who are frustrated wasting dozens or even 100+ hours trying to learn to speak Spanish with a robot on their phone.

We spent years studying people who became fluent in Spanish. 

What did we learn?

They had fun while they learned. Either they had a great, funny teacher -- or they loved the other students and their course, and had fun learning with them. Either way, because they were enjoying themselves and having fun, they didn’t quit.

They had an immersive experience. Of course some of them traveled to Latin America (or got a Spanish-speaking lover). But all of them learned by following, and being exposed to, real conversations and real situations.

They did not learn by endlessly repeating “The cat is on the table. The cat is under the table.”

They took a structured course. I can’t tell you how many students come to us after spending 100 or more hours on one of the language apps. It is incredibly discouraging to spend that much time and still not be able to have a conversation in Spanish. With a structured course, you know exactly how long it takes, and when you’ll be done. So you won’t get discouraged and quit.




We took everything we learned and hacked learning Spanish.

For the structure, we hired the best of the best.

Hernan, our head of Education, built the Spanish program for the London School of Economics. He’s the guy who teaches Spanish teachers how to teach. He’s a big brain dude.

He created the curriculum for our five-week Visual Spanish course that contains everything you need for the Spanish Levels I & II. He even certified the course with the American Council for Teaching a Foreign Language (ACTFL) for Spanish 1 & 2 , as well as the Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) for Languages - Spanish 1A/1B.

After the 5-week course, if you pass the final exam, you’ll receive a verified certificate + digital badge from Accredible, which can be printed and framed, shared on social media, and attached to a Linked In profile or resume.

Adding 'Conversational Spanish' to your resume is proven to be worth up to $7,225 per year in extra salary in the job market.

For the fun we hired David.

He is a very funny comedian from London who spoke almost no Spanish to be our ‘student.’ And we put him in a real class with Jimena, one of the most fun and exciting actresses in Argentina - who also happened to be a Spanish teacher before she started acting. Together, they have an edgy, witty banter that breaks down all language barriers.

For the immersion, we hid our comprehensive Spanish course in a really funny and complex story.

David & Jimena travel all over Latin America, experience a ton of cultural immersion, get into trouble and adventures, and meet a lot of wild & interesting people.

Along the way, there’s love, betrayal, tender moments, and just desserts. There’s also a crazy mother-in-law, a whole class on the Kama Sutra, jealous lovers and and a witty will-they-or-won’t-they plot that will keep you guessing -- and coming back for more -- until the end.

You’ll see how a little sexual tension goes a long way in breaking down cultural barriers and building addictive storylines. Each “class” ends with a cliffhanger - you’ll be dying to know what happens next!

In five weeks you will speak and understand conversational Spanish. 


Here’s how it works:

 For 5 weeks, take one 40 minute video class every Monday - Friday

 After each weekday class there is a simple 10 question quiz

 Each Saturday, there is a 40 minute review class and a 25 question unit test

 All of these classes and quizzes are available 24/7 - you can learn at your own pace - but if you stick to the schedule, you are more likely to complete the course

 At the end, take a 100 question final exam and earn your Spanish Levels I & II Certificate