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Finally, a fun, funny PROVEN way to speak conversational Spanish in 5 weeks, without endless, boring drills. Guaranteed.

6 Simple Learn Spanish Hacks

If you're already fluent in Spanish, Felicitaciones!  You don't need to read any further - que tengas un buen día!

But, if you've been struggling with staring at endless boring vocabulary drills on your phone... And if one-on-one classes are way too expensive and time consuming... this story is for you.

When I was 30 I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I didn't know a single person, and I didn't speak a single word of Spanish.

I'm a pretty smart guy, and I've been able to learn most things pretty quickly most of my life.
"How hard could it be?" I thought. I knew people that spoke a 2nd language and they didn't seem like great geniuses. I'd be able to figure it out.

Boy was I wrong.

3 Months of Hell

I gave myself 3 months. But hours and hours of one method after another, I was still unable to have even a basic conversation in Spanish. I tried:

✔️ Books
✔️ Audio CDs
✔️ Podcasts
✔️ Software programs
✔️ Apps on my phone
✔️ Group classes

Nothing worked.

Sure, I could say hello and goodbye, and I could order in a restaurant. But a real conversation with a native Spanish speaker? No way.

All my ex-pat friends zoomed past me and were happily chatting away.

I couldn't figure out what it was so hard for me and so easy for everyone else. I thought, 
"What was I doing wrong?"

The Day My Life Changed

Then I met Jimena, I finally had  a great teacher. She was so amazing that I kept trying to make her laugh in Spanish - and that made me remember everything! 

Every day she would teach me, and I would try to make her laugh. With her amazing visual  method, I was speaking Spanish in less than 2 months.

It was like magic.

Basically, she took the 
6 Simple Learn Spanish Hacks that she had developed over the years, and put them together into a course just for me.

Now we are going to share those hacks with you - and a little more of my journey to becoming fluent in Spanish.

At the end, I'll tell you about 
Visual Spanish, a course we developed incorporating all 6 hacks, and a lot more. And a very special offer to help you Speak Conversational Spanish in just 5 Weeks.

Ok, on with the show...

Congrats on taking the first step to learning to Speak Conversational Spanish.

I’m David, the founder of Visual Spanish. I’ve spent the last 15 years helping people learn Spanish. Especially people that have tried all the regular ways and struggled.
People like me.
Working with thousands of students, we have compiled 
6 Simple Learn Spanish Hacks. Be sure a bookmark this page so you can refer to it again in case you forget - there's a TON of good stuff and  resources here.

But first let's get in the right headspace. Here's a funny clip you can watch to make you feel better about your own Spanish:

 The first Semester of Spanish Love Song (hilarious)

Funny, right? 

Anyways, here is your first hack:

Speak Spanish Hack #1 

It has to be fun or it doesn't work

Most of us think that great things - like learning a foreign language - should be hard.
Eat your vegetables. Run your laps. Study for that exam.
That's true for most things. You should eat your vegetables. 🥕
But learning languages is a little different.
When you learned English - it was a blast! You started off knowing nothing and unable to communicate with anyone. But every day you learned more and more. Your baby curiosity was unquenchable. Your brain ate it up like chocolate.
Or, more accurately, dopamine. 🧪 Dopamine is the chemical released in your brain when you are having fun. When you were a baby. you got lots of dopamine when you listened to songs, or when your parents talked to you.
Even when they read you stories. You got the dopamine hit even if you didn't understand everything.
And that dopamine made you crave learning to speak and understand English more and more. Pretty soon you were fluent.
When you use boring apps and do repetitive drills to learn Spanish, you are trying to get your brain to focus without the dopamine. So, your brain WANTS to be distracted and find more interesting things to remember.
That makes it 10x harder to actually learn.
But when the class is fun and interesting, your brain releases dopamine and WANTS to remember it.
I learned  this when I moved to Argentina at 30 years old without knowing a lick of Spanish. I tried every method I could find - books, audio CDs, and podcasts. And, of course, I tried apps like Rosetta Stone, Duolingo and Babbel.
And none of them worked for me. I felt really stupid watching all my friends excelling at Spanish, and I barely spoke a word.
Then I met Jimena, my Spanish teacher. I’ll tell you a LOT more about her in the next few days, but the main thing to learn is that she was fun, and funny.
I wanted to make her laugh. And, because we were laughing and having fun, I actually learned and remembered. For the first time, it was easy!
More about Jimena and my Spanish journey later.
So the 1st hack is simple - stay away from any language learning activity that is boring or hard to focus on. Instead, find activities that are fun and engaging.
Forget the vegetables - just this once, pig out on ice cream!

Check out this music video we made of a super fun, catchy Spanish song "Pasos de Gigante."

We used our patented visual method to teach you the lyrics. Watch it one time. I guarantee you'll learn AND REMEMBER more actual Spanish than if you spent 2 hours doing drills on your phone.

So... how’d it go? Fun, right? Do you remember some of the lyrics? I bet you did!

Ok, ready for the 2nd Simple Learn Spanish Hack?

But before we get to that, have you thought about what it will be like when you can speak Spanish? Did you know that people who speak Spanish:

✔️ have better experiences when they travel 🌎

✔️ have more opportunities with business and personal relationships 🤝💏

✔️ have healthier brains and live longer! 🧠 (it’s true - look it up!)

So I know it feels overwhelming and impossible sometimes, but stick with us. We’ll help you get there.
Let’s get started. Check out this funny Spanish cartoon.

So the joke here is that "nada" in Spanish has two meanings. It means "nothing" like:
"What are you staring at?"
It is also the verb nadar, "to swim" in the imperative - like maybe "SWIM!"
Context is important.

Speak Spanish Hack #2 

Visual learners need visual cues

Some people are visual learners. Some people are audio learners. Most people are both, and need both.
I remember when I was first trying to learn Spanish I listened to a podcast while I was driving. I listened to it over and over and memorized some sounds, to be sure.
And for months afterwards I was surprised that a sound that I thought was one word was actually two - or three. And that things were spelled COMPLETELY different than I thought. Or that a word I thought was a verb was actually a noun - or the other way around.
I needed BOTH the visual component AND the audio component to really make sense of Spanish.

Then I started watching the Simpsons dubbed in Spanish with the English subtitles on. Suddenly it clicked. I started to SEE how words were spelled and how sentence structure worked.
Your eyes and your ears are built to work together. When you SEE something that makes sense with what you HEAR you are 
10 times more likely to learn and remember it.
So the second hack is this - don't expect to learn much from any language program that is audio-only or visual-only. It has to have both for your brain to really lock on to what you are learning.
This was a real breakthrough in my classes with Jimena. Whenever I learned a new word or phrase, she would make sure to show me how it was spelled. So I learned what the root of each word was, and which words were nous, verbs, adjectives, etc.
That way I started understanding how the words fit together in CONTEXT. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head.
When we developed Visual Spanish, it was with exactly that in mind.

If you want to know more about Visual Spanish, click here.

Before we get to Hack #3, let me tell you a little more about my journey.

Imagine me, a big gringo who spoke no Spanish, at 30 years old in Buenos Aires. Lots of people I knew seemed to learn Spanish effortlessly. I thought I was pretty smart, but it made me feel dumb. 

They all left me in the dust.
I am a classic procrastinator. So, instead of learning Spanish (which was hard), I started researching WHY it was hard for ME to learn Spanish. (I’m a sucker for scientific research)
I learned that the vocab drills on my phone were actually HURTING me, instead of helping.
I’d learn a few words and phrases really well by repeating them over and over. But, when I would try using them in a regular conversation, I’d get lost and frustrated in less than 2 minutes.
And then I’d get discouraged and it would be hard to go back and try to learn any more.
The purpose of learning Spanish, to me, was to actually talk to native Spanish speakers - not to a robot on my phone.

Speak Spanish Hack #3 

Use Everyday Language To Simulate Immersion

Most learn Spanish apps and audiotapes teach you what we call "robot Spanish."
"Hola. Me llamo David."
"El gato está debajo de la mesa"
How often do you think you are going to need to say “the cat is under the table?” Trust me, it's not that often.
All those receptive drills make you feel good, because now you know individual words.
But that's not how normal people talk. If you learn from a robot, you'll speak like a robot...
The rhythm and flow of normal conversation doesn't work like that. Ends of sentences get cut off, people talk over one another, they use phrases, leave out words.
Most of the time we totally mangle the language.
That's why you have to repeat yourself like an idiot every time you ask Siri or Alexa anything.
The best way to learn conversational Spanish is to listen to normal people talk. Even if you don't understand everything. In fact, it's better if you don't understand everything. That way your brain will work harder to understand, and you'll retain more.
So watch your favorite movies or TV shows with the Spanish dubbing turned on. Most shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime have that option.
My daughter thought all TV was in Chinese until she was 5. (Boy was she mad, but her Mandarin pronunciation is impeccable)
You can turn on the English subtitles if you want in the beginning, but soon you won't need to.
And if you want to know how the locals say hi - click here and check out a short video:

When we started building the Visual Spanish course, it was with that exact idea in mind:
We took the best aspects of a binge-worthy TV show…
Added a visual framework that makes absorbing the language 10x faster and easier…
And packaged it up into a course that will have you speaking conversational Spanish in just 5 weeks.

Want to know what Visual Spanish includes? Click here.

Who’s the first person you’ll show off your new Spanish skills to?

The Simple Learn Spanish Hack #4 is below.
Have you been thinking about how things will be different when you can speak Spanish?
Think about how powerful you will be. To be able to speak to another BILLION people on the planet, and be confident doing it.
Imagine  what this can do for you. Whether you are beefing up your skills on your resume, or getting ready for a big trip. Or just looking to connect with people. You’ll be smiling and closer than ever to your goals.
Now, this won’t all happen tomorrow. The first few days you’ll feel a little bolder. You will start understanding common phrases you’ve heard a million times before.
But after a week or two you’ll start making real connections in your brain. Now everything you learn opens up 20 more things. You'll start understanding what people are saying, even if they speak at normal speed.
And after a month or two you’ll start noticing the difference in your paycheck or relationships. A whole new world of understanding will open up. You’ll start to get the cultural details and nuanced expressions.
Now you’ll start learning just from having conversations with native speakers. And you won’t be able to get enough.
You’ll have a lifelong skill that will be part of who you are - something you can be proud of and use to make your life better.
It sounds grandiose, but that’s what being bilingual does for you.
And it’s important to keep that in mind, because a lot of people never get to that point. Why?

The #1 Reason People DON'T Learn a New Language is that they QUIT.

Speak Spanish Hack #4 

Find a Spanish learning method you'll stick with

How many times have you started a new diet or exercise plan and quit after just a few days? Yeah, me too.
What most health experts say is that the best plan is one that you'll stick to. Walking 20 minutes every day for 9 months is better than running 5 miles a day for 2 weeks and then quitting.
Learning Spanish is the same. It's hard! And the older you get, the harder it is for your brain to latch on to things like new languages.
So the secret is picking something that you will actually DO EVERY DAY.
For some people that's reading the newspaper in Spanish. For some people it's having an international penpal and exchanging emails in Spanish.
Or maybe you want to watch a steamy Spanish language soap opera... like “Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso” (it’s totally bananas - Google it)
The important part is - it's better to find something you will do every day without fail, than to try something really ambitious... but maybe in the end unrealistic.
That's why we made Visual Spanish so much fun - so it doesn't seem like work. It's more like binge-watching a TV show. Which is something almost everybody does everyday anyway.
And, we stuffed in hundreds of jokes, double entendres, easter eggs, and other surprises. So when you watch it the second (or third, or fourth) time, you'll not only keep laughing, but keep finding new things.
You’ll be shocked at how much you learn in just a few short weeks when you stick with it.
This is the whole reason we created Visual Spanish. It's fun and doesn't seem like work, so you’ll actually want to do it every day. It's more like binge-watching a TV show, which is something most people do every day anyway.

Click here to Get Started Today

The Simple Learn Spanish Hack #5 is below.

Your answer will determine how you move forward with your Spanish learning.
So… on to the 5th hack.
You know how hard it is to put down a good book in the middle of a chapter, or turn off the TV in the middle of a good movie?
Ask any writer and they'll tell you the secret is to make the reader want to know what's going to happen next.
Humans are curious! We naturally WANT to know.

"I want to speak a little Spanish for a trip or a vacation."

"I want to Speak Conversational Spanish with friends, family & associates."

"I want to become Fluent in Spanish and stay fluent for life!"

But first, I have a question for you to think about.
Which of the following is most like you:

Speak Spanish Hack #5 

Find a great story

This hack is all about leaning into that natural curiosity to help you learn to speak Spanish.
When you are binge-watching a great TV show, every episode ends with a cliff-hanger, right?
Because when the hero is hanging off the edge of a cliff, we want to know if she is going to fall and die or be saved somehow.
So we keep watching. It's human nature.
You can use that natural curiosity to help learn a language. One of the things  I like to do is watch an episode of a good true crime show, For the first ten minutes, I'll watch it in English. For the rest I'll watch it with Spanish dubbing turned on.
I'm always super curious to find out what happens at the end - like who the killer was, and why, and how he got caught. And subconsciously, my brain will work overtime to try and figure it out.
I'll pay a lot more attention than usual, and I'll always learn some new words and phrases.
Give it a try. You’ll be surprised at how fast your brain will switch to learning mode when it wants to figure something out.
When we built Visual Spanish, we made it like a funny telenovela. We even hired Florencia la Rosa, a famous Argentinian telenovela writer, to help us with the story.
Each class is like a 45-minute TV show. There is even a "will-they or won't-they" plot line that constantly keeps you guessing.
And, in order to keep up with the funny, wacky story, you have to constantly learn. Over the 30 episode arc you'll learn enough to speak conversational Spanish.
You watched Friends or the Office, right? A little sexual tension goes a long way in building addictive storylines. Just wait until you meet “Jimena” and “David…” (Don't worry, we hired actors to play us!)

¿Qué pasa, calabaza?

Have you been thinking about what your life will be like when you can speak Spanish? It’s pretty exciting, right?
All the places you’ll see, and all the new people you’ll be able to talk to.
But here’s the thing. If you’re like most people, you probably won’t do it.
I mean… you’ll download a free app on your phone. Maybe you’ll try out a couple of these amazing hacks. But in a couple weeks you’ll forget and for the rest of your life you’ll always think that...
Speaking Spanish will be one of those things you WISH you could do.
It doesn’t have to be that way.
Right now, today, I’ll give you two really good reasons to be one of the few people that actually learn to speak Spanish. Instead of one of the many who only WISH they did.
The first reason is the 6th Hack right below. The second reason is an amazing deal (very limited time) that I’m going to give you on our Visual Spanish program. Check it out at the bottom of this page...

Speak Spanish Hack #6 

Laugh, and you'll remember more

You probably read some of those in the voice of the character who said it, right?
Laughing makes learning easier. When we developed Visual Spanish, it was with exactly that in mind.
No other language course uses humor to help you learn. And no other course uses an addictive story-line to make sure you actually finish.
We wove a language course around hundreds of funny, witty or sometimes outrageous situations. One that will make you laugh - but most of all, make you remember.
There's hundreds of inside jokes…
Double entendres...
Easter eggs, and other surprises in the series.
So when you watch it the second (third, or fourth) time, you'll not only keep laughing but keep learning new things.
When we created Visual Spanish we took the best aspects of a binge-worthy TV show. Then we added our patented visual framework. The combo makes absorbing the language 10 times faster and easier.
Everything you hear you'll also see on the screen.
Each word is color-coded. And, there are tons of other visual cues like symbols and illustrations.

By class 3 you’ll be absorbing the visual cues subliminally. You'll just KNOW that verbs are green, and blue words are masculine nouns.
And in just 5 weeks you’ll be speaking conversational Spanish. Not one minute of repetitive vocabulary drills… or suffering through any boring lectures.

Check out this cute Spanish cartoon.

"I am serious. And don't call me Shirley."
"We get the warhead and we hold the world ransom for…. One million dollars."
"Leave the gun. Take the cannoli."
"That rug really tied the room together, did it not?"
"I'll have what she's having."

Can you figure out what it means?
In Spanish, "campo" means "farm." And "nudo" means "knot."
That's what we call a false friend - the word "nudista" is Spanish for "nude."
You don't want to mix those two up or you could get into uncomfortable situations... but I bet you'll never forget it now, right?
Think about it - how many funny lines do you remember from your favorite movies and TV shows?
How many of these can you name:

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Thousands of people have learned to Speak Conversational Spanish with Visual Spanish. You can too.

Here's EXACTLY What's Included in Visual Spanish

5-week course - one funny, witty 40 minute class per day

180,000 color-coded vocabulary words to help you learn word usage

Over 2,000 verb conjugations, complete with root verb, pronoun and tense indicator

Native pronunciation lessons from five different different regional accents

Clear grammatical explanations in English from "The Professor"

New, visual method proven effective for rapid language absorption

30 classes of Spanish language and Latin American cultural immersion

The fast-paced conversational style gives you plenty of breaks for repetition and review. All in a conversational format to  facilitate the communicative learning process!


24 fun quizzes to gauge progress

5 unit tests to keep you motivated

Final assessment exam

Visual Spanish has a Special Formula To Make Sure You Remember What You Learn. It Includes:

Color coding genius!

Every Spanish word appears on the screen (so you can see how it is spelled). All words are color-coded so that your brain picks up on different types of words. Verbs are green, nouns are blue or pink and adjectives are purple. After a few classes, this color-coding will work like subtextual signals for how words are used. It makes learning Spanish MUCH easier!

Road signs

Symbols will let you know if  what you're learning is slang, formal or informal speech. Also, when a word or phrase is specific to one Spanish-speaking country, you'll see a flag to let you know. Treat the symbols like a dashboard giving you important information as you navigate the language.


I still have nightmares about verbs. There are 42 verb tenses in Spanish, compared to only 9 in English. And they are a huge pain in the &%$#@. We'll help you conquer verbs in 2 ways. First by including arrow symbols indicating past, present, continuous and future tense. These help you quickly absorb the conjugation rules. Second, you'll always see the root verb and pronoun on the screen. This helps you to help connect the usage with the derivation.

Sex & Vocab

Words having genders is kind of a strange idea for a lot of English-speakers. Our color-coded illustrations will help you understand and use genders intuitively. Notice how the they are are blue for masculine and pink for feminine. These iconic images are burned into your brain so you remember vocabulary easily and instantly!

Sentence structure and English translations

Some people are audio learners, others learn visually – most people need both. With Visual Spanish every word is on-screen so you see the spelling while hearing it pronounced. The English translation shows you how the sentence structure changes from one language to another.

Retain everything!

Visual Spanish takes you inside 30 private Spanish lessons. You'll meet Jimena, an amazing Spanish instructor, and David, her dopey student from London. Kind of like learn-Spanish reality TV, but with redeeming social value! The point is, you'll find yourself learning so you can follow along with the twists and turns of all the relationships! It's edgy, funny, and completely inappropriate - and in just 5 weeks you'll be speaking Spanish conversationally.

Visual Spanish includes Everything required by the American Council for Teaching a Foreign Language for Spanish 1 & 2 , as well as by the Common European Framework Reference for Languages - Spanish 1A/1B.

Normally, the 5-Week Course costs $297.00.

If you enroll today, we'll give you the following bonuses, completely free:

Visual Spanish Study Guide. Our comprehensive 250 page Study Guide covering all of Spanish I & II - in our unique funny, witty, engaging style. $159 Value

Ultimate Slang Dictionary. If you want to speak conversional Spanish, you have to talk like normal people talk. In Latin America that means a fair bit of %$&#@. We've collected the funniest slang words and phrases from 18 different Spanish-Speaking countries into this 88-page pocket guide. $24.99 value

Insultos & Piropos Guide. Spanish & Latin culture has some of the most colorful language on the planet. They are famous for their insults and piropos (pick-up lines). We've put together this compendium of the most inappropriate phrases into a pocket guide. It's called the "Ultimate Guide to Pick 'Em Up and Put 'Em Down." $24.99 value

Audio Version. We've created a downloadable audio version of all 30 classes in the course. That's more than 20 hours of audio, so you can brush up in the car or at the gym.  $99 value

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We have partnered with Accredible to provide an official certificate of completion of Spanish I & II to any student who completes the course and passes the final exam. 

You can print and frame this certificate, or attach it to your Linked In profile. We also provide a certified digital badge that you can attach to your resume.

$899 value

Adding 'Conversational Spanish' to your resume could mean up to $7,225 per year in extra salary in the job market.

Compared to one-on-one classes at an institute (avg. $2,150) or 4 semesters (12 credit-hours) at a public university (avg. $2,400), we usually offer this certificate for $899.

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Today only, you can get everything for $97. 

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I'm so confident that you will laugh and learn and enjoy learning Spanish, that I will make you a promise. Try it for 90 days. If, after 90 days you aren't laughing and learning, then I'll refund 100% of your money.

No Questions, No Hassle.

I'll do you one better - if you aren't Speaking Conversational Spanish in 90 days, let me know. I'll buy you a 3-month subscription for Rosetta Stone.

Here's what you should ask yourself right now.

Do you really want to learn to Speak Spanish?

Is it really an important goal for you in 2021?

Do you want to be able to  speak to 1 billion more people on the planet?

Do you want the extra value on your CV and Linked In profile?

Do you want to amaze your friends and confound your enemies with this incredible new power?

If you're not sure if want to change your life, this might not be the right program for you.

But if so, today is the day. You'll never find a better offer than this on a comprehensive, Spanish course.

You've got nothing to lose & everything to gain. Try it today and in 5 weeks you'll be Speaking Spanish!

Don't spend another day being the person who wishes they could speak Spanish.

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